Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Last Friday (April 1) I went to a newly built airport called "Centrair", which is a nickname for Central Japan International Airport that opened in February, 2005. It was an airport on the man-made island near Nagoya. It was a bit smaller than I had expected, yes, small compared with Kansai airport, which was also built on the artificial island.

My purpose was to meet a Chinese student from Tianjin Normal University at the arrival lobby, but she was not to come out, for she missed her airplane. I was told so by Hayase sensei on the cellular phone just when I got to the airport. What a waste of time! I had to return to Tsu without the student in charge.

Since I had much time before the return boat bound for Tsu left the port, I strolled around the "sky town", the place on the fourth floor, where I've heard there are many restaurants and souvenir shops, even a public bath, and I took some pictures. I'll show some of them to convey the atmosphere of the new airport.