Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Last Friday (April 1) I went to a newly built airport called "Centrair", which is a nickname for Central Japan International Airport that opened in February, 2005. It was an airport on the man-made island near Nagoya. It was a bit smaller than I had expected, yes, small compared with Kansai airport, which was also built on the artificial island.

My purpose was to meet a Chinese student from Tianjin Normal University at the arrival lobby, but she was not to come out, for she missed her airplane. I was told so by Hayase sensei on the cellular phone just when I got to the airport. What a waste of time! I had to return to Tsu without the student in charge.

Since I had much time before the return boat bound for Tsu left the port, I strolled around the "sky town", the place on the fourth floor, where I've heard there are many restaurants and souvenir shops, even a public bath, and I took some pictures. I'll show some of them to convey the atmosphere of the new airport.


At 10:31 PM, April 05, 2005, Blogger Akarui said...

Very cool -- you even created a photo set!

This is going back to the discussion of your previous entry, but if you want to pull photos off the Flickr servers and display them on Blogger, you'll have to place them under a Creative Commons license, which permits redistribution. Flickr's Creative Commons page continues to be inaccessible, but you can find out more about alternatives to full copyright from the Creative Commons site itself. On Flickr, you should be able to select a Creative Commons license here.

A note on tagging: Flickr tags are supposed to help you organise your photos, and they're supposed to help you and other people find the photos you posted to Flickr. Computers are stupid: they don't recognise what's pictured in an photo. But if you tag an image with a description of what it shows, the image can be found in a simple database search.

You tagged your Centrair images with descriptions such as "centrair21" and "centrair16" -- nobody is ever going to look for something like this. But if you tag those images simply with "Centrair" -- well, that's something somebody might be looking for. Here are all public images on Flickr currently tagged with "Centrair". Sadly, they exclude yours.

Bonus links: Here are all public photos on Flickr tagged with Tsu and Tsu-shi, and here are all public photos tagged with Anpanman (the Flickr users Pekochan and Takamari, both of whom posted Anpanman pictures, are people you know in real life).

About Centrair itself: I haven't been there but I saw the televised coverage of the opening day. They reported that there's a public bath on the island from which you can watch the runways and the planes as they land and take off. That somehow struck me as very Japanese.


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